Mattie and her people (often referred to as her staff!), welcome you to Black Velvet Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs.

We are an experienced “all about dogs” home, both personally and professionally.  Mac is a dog trainer, and Gaby is a veterinarian and long time breeder of Newfoundland Dogs.  At the moment, we share our home with one Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, two Newfoundland Dogs, and any number of canine students and guests.

This site is dedicated to our Swiss Mountain Dog breeding program, as more than a decade long dream begins to unfold for the first time.

Within these pages we hope you will enjoy learning about the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, and come away with a sense of who we are as passionate educators, breeders and lovers of the Swissy.

For information about our Newfoundland Dog breeding program, please visit www.facebook.com/saltydognewfoundlands.

For information about our puppy socialization and training program in San Francisco, please visit OutdoorEducationSF.



Baxter in Mager-ville (photo)

Congrats, Baxter boy!  You totally scored landing with your new family who already love you to bits.  Please, Baxter, be nice to Oliver.  Just because you’ll be big, doesn’t mean you have to be brash!  Miss you already 🙂 Save


Early May marked our first Greater Swiss Mountain Dog breeding, but we are not new to the adventure.  Gaby has been a breeder of Newfoundland Dogs since 1976, and Mac has joined her for the past few litters, the latest of which was a litter of eight, born May 30, 2016.

We are careful and responsible breeders, relentlessly striving for the things that matter most in our opinion: temperament, structure, health, longevity, and working ability.

All of our litters are extensively socialized and intensively trained before going to new homes.  Puppies are raised in our home and yard and have the ability to run and play, as well as learn to potty on both real and fake grass. Continue reading “Breeding”

The Swissy

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is a truly magnificent animal.  A capable and confident working dog, in the right circumstances, a Swissy can also make wonderful companion and family pet.

With their people, they are loyal, affectionate and fun.  At home, they want to be on something soft, and usually, the closer to you the better!   After sufficient exercise and stimulation, they make fantastic couch buddies for a movie, and are quite happy to warm your bed with you at night if it suits your lifestyle.

Swissys have a well deserved reputation for being good with children, and bond strongly with their family members and frequent, familiar visitors. Continue reading “The Swissy”


We would love to hear from you if you are interested in learning more about this stunning breed or our responsible breeding program.

Please PHONE us!  With our hands almost always on dogs, our availability for lengthy emails is extremely limited and it is unlikely you will get the timely and detailed response you absolutely deserve.



We look forward to hearing from you and hope you have enjoyed the information and references on our site.