Welcome to Black Velvet Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs.

We are an experienced “all about dogs” home, both personally and professionally.  Mac is a dog trainer, and Gaby is a veterinarian and long time breeder of Newfoundland Dogs.  At the moment, we share our home with seven Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, 5 girls and 2 boys.

This site is dedicated to our Swiss Mountain Dog breeding program, as more than a decade long dream continues to unfold with Billie Jean’s second litter: Thelma & Louise.

Within these pages we hope you will enjoy learning about the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, and come away with a sense of who we are as passionate educators, breeders and lovers of the Swissy.

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Do you want a puppy?

We are accepting puppy applications for our litter born September 24th & 25th (dogs love late night arrivals)!

If you are interested in a puppy from this or a future litter, you can begin by sending us an application.  We will review it and give you a call when we have a confirmed litter and are prepared to begin the process of getting to know applicants in order to find the best home and puppy match.

In the meantime, keep current by watching the NEWS section of our website.   We also do our best to be available at all times to discuss the breed and our breeding program, so feel free to reach out to us by phone if you have questions.

Black Velvet Puppy Application

Litter Updates

Check out our News to track the fun as the puppies grow in leaps and bounds from one day to the next.

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A Thousand Words.





The Swissy

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is a truly magnificent animal.  A capable and confident working dog, in the right circumstances, a Swissy can also make wonderful companion and family pet.

With their people, they are loyal, affectionate and fun.  At home, they want to be on something soft, and usually, the closer to you the better!   After sufficient exercise and stimulation, they make fantastic couch buddies for a movie, and are quite happy to warm your bed with you at night if it suits your lifestyle.

Swissys have a well deserved reputation for being good with children, and bond strongly with their family members and frequent, familiar visitors. Continue reading “The Swissy”